AGRO Cafe is all about life changing experiences that begin with drinking first-class coffee, relaxing in first-class surroundings, and voting with your consumer dollar for a sustainable future. At the same time, when you buy your coffee here, your money goes directly to small-scale coffee producers around the globe. We buy our beans directly from farmers in developing countries all over the world and we roast our beans in-house, providing the shortest distance from producer to consumer. We ensure our coffee is enjoyed at its freshest, while redefining the experience.

Buzzing Café Atmosphere

We currently have two cafe locations (and many more will come with your support), one on Granville Island and one on Clark Drive. Our aim is to provide the people of Vancouver with organic, fair trade coffee, at a great price and in a great location. Our cafes are relaxing, modern environments that help tell the story of the variety of places coffee originates. Our walls are flooded with projected images of our farmers in Kenya, helping to both educate and stimulate while you enjoy your coffee.

Premium Coffee Taste

Coffee is our passion and the talented, dedicated and knowledgeable baristas at AGRO Cafe create latte art that will inspire! They can also brew coffee to your own personal preference with our unique single cup coffee brewer, the Clover™. We brew our origin specific coffee by the cup, allowing you to select your choice of roast and origin, making the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Mouthwatering Food Experiences

Not only are we experts in coffee but we also serve a wide variety of teas, lattes, fruit smoothies, and a variety of other cold beverages. We also have a great menu of lunch and snack items including organic chocolate pecan pie ($4.50), poppy seed squares ($2.50), and peanut butter toffee squares ($2.00). Other menu items include fresh salads, incredible sandwiches and paninis, cookies and cocoa camino chocolates.

Our Commitment

AGRO Cafe is the front door to the best coffees of the world. We're committed to making the world a little more humane, one cup at a time. We hope to take you with us on our journey to roast and enjoy the world's finest coffee beans.